Chair #98, John Makepeace Chairs, c.1990

John Makepeace

Armchair, c.1990

Oak and leather

This chair is one of a pair, with matching settee, designed by John Makepeace and made at the Parnham workshops. It is named
the Wimbledon Chair, and was commissioned by a private client.


Adam Bowett Catalogue  19/08/2012


An armchair, circa 1990. Of roughly horseshoe form; the back and seat of green leather are suspended in a frame of limed oak, formed from two curved upright front posts with ball terminals top and bottom, from which the back legs and back rail emanate, the former turning down in a smooth curve to ball feet and the later rising in a horseshoe and descending to meet the opposite side.


H: 32” (81cm) Seat height: 15 ½ ” (39cm) W: 30” (76cm) D: 23“ (59cm)

Designer / Maker

John Makepeace


Oak, leather, and probably other woods within the seat and the back.


The back panel is suspended between the top rail and the back legs by a number of stainless steel rings; the seat is probably screwed through to the legs from the inside; the front legs complete with terminal balls are made from one piece of oak. The top rail and back legs are jointly housed into the balls at the top of the front legs; they are spliced together for a short way before separating and turning down and up respectively.

Marks or stamps



Green leather somewhat faded and marked, frame sound, limed finish worn and patchy.

Additional remarks

Part of a suit, two chairs and a sofa.


Commissioned by John H. Bryan early 1990s