Introduction to Christopher Dresser Copper, Brass, and Painted Metalware, c.1880-1885

March 17, 2015 by CTF Editor


Christopher Dresser was a designer for Benham & Froud Ltd, a London based maker of copper and brass metalwares. He designed for the firm from about 1872 to 1893.


Dresser’s name was not used on Benham & Froud pieces.


Five of the seven copper and brass objects illustrated in this section bear Benham & Froud’s trademark, a cross and orb device.


Three of these five pieces, as well as the fire tools (no. 38), are attributed to Christopher Dresser based on early published material and stylistic evidence.


The Kordofan candlestick (no. 42) illustrated in this section bears the trademark of Richard Perry, Son & Co., Wolverhampton, West Midlands. It is stamped “Dr. Dressers’ Design,” with a registration mark for 1883, and is marked “Liberty & Co.,London,” indicating that it was retailed through Liberty & Co.