Introduction to Christopher Dresser Electroplated Nickel Silver and Silver Metalware, c.1878-1885

March 17, 2015 by CTF Editor

Hukin & Heath, Birmingham and London. There are four pieces with the marks of Hukin & Heath illustrated in this section, three of which are electroplated nickel silver and one of which is silver. The three electroplated pieces are marked “Designed by Dr. C. Dresser.”


Christopher Dresser was employed in 1879 by James Dixon & Sons, Sheffield, and his first design for that firm was registered in 1880. He sold about thirty-seven designs to Dixon between 1879 and 1882. All four Dixon pieces in this section have Dixon marks and Dresser’s facsimile signature.


Both of the electroplated jugs at the end of this section bear the mark of Elkington & Co., Birmingham and are illustrated in the Elkington pattern books c.1885.