Introduction to Christopher Dresser Glass, C.1885-1895

March 17, 2015 by CTF Editor

Dresser’s glass designs were marketed with the name “Clutha,” a trademark registered by James Couper & Sons, Glasgow.

One piece (no. 19) illustrated in this section bears the mark “Clutha, JC&S, Registered” and was probably retailed through Liberty & Co.

Another piece (no. 16) is faintly etched “Clutha Reg., Trademark.”

Eight of the pieces are marked “Clutha, Designed by C.D. Registered” and are etched with a lotus flower, the trademark of Liberty & Co. These marks appear in three sizes, but the size of the mark does not necessarily coincide with the size of the vessel. For example, a large vessel may have a small
mark, while a small vessel has a large mark.

One piece (no. 20) is unmarked. It was probably manufactured by Couper and retailed through Liberty & Co.

All etched glass marks are located on the bottom of the pieces.